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Turning Your Data Into Revenue


M.I.C.E  Change to DCMS (Data Cleansing and Migration Service)



We provide a powerful enterprise data quality solution and services for profiling, cleansing, validating and integrating data to create consistent, reliable information.

More and more companies are looking for a data profiling, data cleansing and data management solution and services to streamline and integrate all their data from all the data sources so as to enable a more efficient data retrieval for more reliable and accurate reporting. Many are still doing manual cleansing and manual retrieving which is time consuming and error prone.

“TURNING YOUR DATA INTO REVENUE.” – Data of high quality enables your organization to integrate data quality into all your enterprise applications and share and reuse peak-condition global data seamlessly across teams of people, lines of business, applications, and systems, yet apply that data locally. With data quality, you gain a competitive advantage as decision-makers worldwide access and act on information that is accurate, consistent, current and complete. Only a reliable, purpose-built data quality services can extend the lifetime value of all your business-critical data.

By integrating data quality within data integration and business intelligence projects, organizations can transform and combine disparate data, remove inaccuracies, standardize on common values, parse values and cleanse dirty data to create a strategic, trustworthy, valuable asset that enhances decision making power.

This data quality service is ideal for a number of different purposes, for organizations of any size and with any data volumes. Our services are focused on:

  • One time cleansing for a data migration
  • On-going cleansing services
  • De-duplication
  • Data enrichment services


How M.I.C.E does it:

1. Cleanse and Standardize Spin garbled data into gold. Data cleansing and standardization capabilities understand data in any context—even misfielded information— without any pre-formatting or pre-processing on your part.
2. De-duplicate and Identify Relationships Get a complete audit trail as we match and link records and reveal relationships. Powerful TechnoDex M.I.C.E matching tool ensures that every deduplication and house-hold function remains fully transparent. Assemble, or commonize, a “best” record by applying different rules to different fields.
3.  Postal Postal codes, the order of information on name and address lines, the order of lines in address information, and other identifiers differ from country to country. This information changes all the time and in particular for Malaysia provide regular updates of postal information for data quality purposes. Our solution continuously updates it’s postal files to provide the most current information.
4.  Cultural Every country has its own cultural conventions written deep in the details of its name and address data. Everything from how people are properly addressed to which name is the family namevary from country to country and affect how duplicates are identified and what household or corporate links between individuals or companies are legitimate.
5.  Linguistic Words mean different things in different contexts (and in different languages). To be interpreted correctly, data quality solution must define meanings based on the local context of the information. Our Data Quality tool automatically identifies Malaysian locality record’s and processes it using renowned intelligence resources for optimal localized results.
6. Other Specific Data Quality Services World-class global capabilities, all rules-based intelligence give organizations a simple but complete solution to handle massive volumes of data

  • Validate local customer, supplier, and other data with proven Malaysian – specific business rules.
  • Identify complex relationships among records.
  • Customize rules and adapt to meet changing business needs.
  • Respond quickly to competitive challenges by improving operational efficiencies.

TechnoDex M.I.C.E tool is designed for data cleansing, matching, validation, and enrichment processes and repurpose them as data quality services throughout the enterprise. Services can be deployed in batch or real-time using the same rule sets and standards across an unlimited number of applications and systems.


  • Increased savings from reduced errors
  • Increased revenues from accurate cross sell and up sell targeting
  • Higher customer satisfaction through accurate identification
  • Higher productivity from a single customer view
  • Better ROI from existing or pending system investments.