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dataWarehouseData Warehouse is to store current and historical data that used for creating analytical reports throughout the enterprise. It is a central repositories of integrated data from one or more disparate sources for reporting and data analysis purpose. Data warehouse can help the customer to consolidate multiple data sources into one centralized data repository. This data repository could be just a simple database or a complex data warehouse.


arrowImprove data quality

arrowIntegrate data from multiple source systems, enabling a central view across the enterprise

arrowRestructure the data so that it makes sense to the business users

arrowProvide a single common data model for all data of interest regardless of the data’s source

arrowCongregate data from multiple sources into a single database so a single query engine can be used to present data

arrowPresent the organization’s information consistently

arrowRestructure the data so that it delivers excellent query performance, even for complex analytic queries, without impacting the operational systems

arrowEnsure optimal performance and scalability of your expanding data warehouse


businessIntelligenceBusiness Intelligence is to collect business data and turning into information that is meaningful and actionable towards a strategic goal. The effective use of data and information for decision making. It can be use for the easy interpretation of large volumes of data. Identifying new opportunities and implementing an effective strategy based on insights can provide businesses with a competitive market advantage and long-term stability

BI elements:

Reporting: the process of accessing data, formatting it and delivering it inside and outside the organization Analysis: identifying patterns and establishing relationships in a group of data Data mining: the extraction of original information from data Data quality and interpretation: the greater or lesser correlation between data and the real-world objects they represent Predictive analysis: a branch of data mining, it attempts to predict probabilities and trends


arrowEliminate guesswork

arrowGet faster answers to your business questions

arrowGet key business metrics reports when and where you need them

arrowGet insight into customer behavior

arrowIdentify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities

arrowLearn how to streamline operations

arrowImprove efficiency

arrowLearn what your true manufacturing costs are

arrowManage inventory better

arrowSee where your business has been, where it is now and where it is going


dataCleansing_migrationData cleansing is detecting and removing errors and inconsistencies from data in order to improve the quality of data. Data quality problems are present in single data collections, such as files and databases, e.g., due to misspellings during data entry, missing information or other invalid data. When multiple data sources need to be integrated, e.g., in data warehouses, federated database systems or global web-based information systems, the need for data cleaning increases significantly. This is because the sources often contain redundant data in different representations. In order to provide access to accurate and consistent data, consolidation of different data representations and elimination of duplicate information become necessary.

Data quality is defined as data which fit for the intended uses in operations, decision making and planning. Data is of quality if they also correctly represent the real-world construct to which they are referred. In the real world, data is dirty. This is because of Incomplete, Noisy, Inconsistent.


Data Quality are:

1. Accuracy

2. Integrity

3. Consistency

4. Completeness

5. Validity

6. Timeless

7. Accessibility


We have a team of consultants who specialize in the data migration. This is a complete team which consists of the technical program manager, data analyst, data engineer and database administrator.


dataIntergrationData integration is the process of the standardization of data definitions and data structures by using a common conceptual schema across a collection of data sources.  Integrated data will be consistent and logically compatible in different systems or databases, and can use across time and users.

Data Integration Processes

arrowReduce and control operating costs.

arrowOverhead savings compared to both current and future expenditures on ICT.

arrowAccess to expertise and qualified personnel are increased.

arrowOrganization can focus on core products and services and no need to handle operational issues

arrowReduce risk to keep up with technology


arrowIncreases the Value of Business Practices: Effective decision can be make

arrowReal time information delivery

arrowComplete view of Business Entities: provides better insights to marketing organization and for top management to gain detailed and specific insights

arrowData Synchronization: minimizes inconsistent data

arrowTo avoid most common pitfalls asscociated with data management and analysis such as duplicate data, erroneous data and etc.

arrow7Improved efficiency by reducing duplicate work, eliminating time required in waiting for data from various sources, saving energy of searching data from various locations

EvoDex Solutions has recently partnered with Alsid, the service provider of real-time protection for directory infrastructure. With years of experience assessing directory infrastructures, Alsid is committed in protecting organisations from cyber security threats and incoming attacks.
Why it matters?
Active Directory infrastructures happen to be the focal point of your entire company security. User credentials, mailboxes, corporate of financial data are all ruled by the directory infrastructure – which acts as the master key holder for your company.
Yet, Active Directory design makes it easily accessible and highly exposed to attackers seeking to reach your corporate network.
It only takes one single compromised access to jeopardize the entire organisation.

That’s how Alsid comes to the rescue, even before attackers get too near to cause harm.
Alsid redefines real-time protection and security for Directory Services. Alsid offers the first SaaS solution to isolate state-level breaches on your Directory Service as a real-time containment mechanism.

Key Features

icon1 Measurement and in-depth understanding

  • correct breaches before they turn into usable attack vectors.
  • reap the benefits of contextualized and efficient remediation plans.
icon1 Self-improvement

  • autonomously fts the curves and changes of your Active Directory as a whole.
  • continuously probes for domain misconfigurations and known attack persistency tricks.
icon1 Alerting & monitoring

  • proactively defeat new attack vectors (no more «false positive» or irrelevant reports).
  • continuously probes for domain misconfigurations and known attack persistency tricks
icon1 Upgradability

  • continuously improved solution designed to quickly respond to threat evolution.
  • continuously takes into account backdoor detection used by latest and most advanced attack techniques.

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